Our Mission:

The NCREA is the industry’s leading source for Commercial and Investment Real Estate training, coaching and consultation. We are a Real Estate education business that builds wealth for everyone and specializes in people, not transactions.

We are changing the way Real Estate business is conducted with alternative streams of income that provide wealth and long-term income for all. A market where Resimercial™ business is practiced by Real Estate professionals. We do what we do because we are passionate about helping people conduct highly profitable and ethical commercial business transactions and want to change the nature of how the real estate industry operates. We are altering the nature of commercial real estate education, training, coaching and mentoring, and are the first choice and the top of mind training company for Resimercial Real Estate.

Our Resmerical Professionals fundamentally change how communities are built and how they can grow. Our company is built on a culture of trust, honesty and ethics. We act from a set of high standards in everything we do. We hold each other accountable in a respectful way that supports our commitment to family values. Our common goal is to generate a profitable business that enables all our stakeholders to build wealth for themselves and their families. We attract all Real Estate Professionals, with the highest minded and most disciplined rising to the top.Our highest accomplishment is that our agents are ethical Resimercial professionals that are highly profitable and can change the nature of commercial real estate by building wealth for themselves and their clients.




Founded by Michael Simpson, the Top 1% of agents in the U.S., our organization has helped literally hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, brokers, investors, and associations receive the training and coaching needed to navigate commercial transactions and build a successful career. State approved continuing education courses in Multiple states including…California, Texas, Nebraska, Oregon (just to name a few) as well as coaching and training programs for real estate brokers, franchise owners and associations who want to create additional revenue through commercial real estate transactions but are wary about taking on the liability associated with untrained agents taking in commercial business.

Learn From The Best

Our team consists of the top commercial real estate professionals in the country. We have created systems and resources that provide you with relevant knowledge, information and insight into the commercial real estate industry. If you're looking to expand your business, generate more commission and reach your financial goals, we are the ones to help you get there!




Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the commercial real estate industry, we've got you covered! Learn how to diversify yourself, generate more commission, expand your business and reach your financial goals with our help!


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