Commercial REO Course

Not sure what an REO is?

Do you know what the differences are between a Residential Short Sale and a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Short Sale?
Do you possibly have a little bit of FEAR about how to take advantage of a distressed Commercial Real Estate Market?

The Brand New Commercial REO & Short Sale Course!
This introductory to Commercial REO and Short Sales
course will answer all your questions, explain the basics, and show you how to capitalize on the massive opportunities around the corner.

Just a few of the topics we will share with you are…
Pre-Foreclosure strategies and techniques – Learn how to find property owners who may have loans that are re-setting and why this strategy is so important to understand loss mitigation strategies.

CRE Short Sales – What is a CRE Short Sale? How is it different than a Residential Short Sale?
Discover How to help property owners who may be in this position and save their money, credit, confidence level and make a BIG fat juicy commission while feeling good about providing this service!
What is a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)? Learn how to complete them from beginning to end
Where do I find these types of properties, where do I find the owners of these types of properties and how do I service them from A-Z?
What is a Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Learn Michael’s secret tips for putting together a Commercial Resume and when to use it.

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